Essential Blend Guinea Pig

eCOTRITION™ Essential Blend Food for Guinea Pigs offers a nutritionally complete, fortified mix of ingredients scientifically formulated to help guinea pigs flourish. This naturally delicious mix of guinea pigs’ favorite vegetables, fruits and grains is carefully selected and blended with a variety of bright, colorful pellets to meet your pet’s nutritional needs while providing the daily stimulation they require. These premium ingredients are fortified with a multitude of vitamins for growth and maintenance, minerals for overall health along with antioxidants for superior nutrition in a small animal food. With ingredients hand selected through field research and fortified nutrition, eCOTRITION Essential Blend Food for Guinea Pigs provides everything your pet needs to flourish during a long and healthy life.
Essential Guinea Pig Nutrition Guinea pigs, like humans, are one of the few mammals that cannot make their own vitamin C, which is an integral vitamin to prevent illness and maintain overall balanced health. We have added vitamin C to help ensure that guinea pigs receive the nutrients necessary to maintain overall good health and nutrition.
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