From the largest elephant to the smallest mouse, mammals need to exercise to stay healthy and happy. So when their environment is limited by cages, they're especially dependent upon the toys they're given to keep them active.

Here are some clever toys that were developed for some of our smallest pets:

  • Activity wheels - Rodents of all sizes love to run around and around, but be sure you look for a wheel that's quiet. Otherwise, you may not be pleased when your pet decides to go for a jog at 3 a.m. Make sure your choice is the appropriate size for your pet as well. 
  • Hideaways - Your mouse will be happiest if it has a place to hide. There are plenty of styles available, but some are actually edible. Made to look like tropical huts, they're made of alfalfa and honey so that your mouse can chew it to his heart's content.
  • Activity logs - Similar to the hideaway, a log made of edible materials lets the mouse climb, play, and eat all he wants. The natural wooden appearance is perfect for an interesting-looking habitat. 
  • Rolling nests - Woven, natural grass fibers create a cocoon in which the mouse can climb inside and roll around, which he will do for hours, but when tired out, he will happily chew the nest until it's gone! 
  • Chewable play tubes - Toilet paper rolls have long been a favorite of small pet owners as they're virtually free and mice love them. But concerns about their safety have generated the creation of play tubes made from and colored by non-toxic materials. They're not free, but they're still very reasonably priced.
  • Nutty treats - Wooden balls that can be rolled around for hours before they're chewed to pieces have mice excited! Once they chew to the middle, they're surprised by a delicious almond in the center! 

Whether you're looking for small animal toys or food for your mouse, United Pet Group will have a product to fill your needs. If you have questions about any product or have difficulty finding them locally, feel free to contact us.