Whether you already own a bunny or you're considering getting one, you should consider litter training! It's easy to accomplish when you know what to do. Just follow these simple tips:

  1. To get your litter training off to the right start, you'll want to limit the space your rabbit can access in your home. A used baby playpen or a puppy pen is perfect for this, or you could opt for a portable pet enclosure. As your litter training progresses successfully, you can gradually increase the size of the area the bunny can access.
  2. Place an open, accessible litter box at one end of the enclosure. For totally hassle-free clean up, you may decide to use throw-away liners or a disposable litter box.
  3. Cover just the bottom of the litter box with a dust-free, non-toxic litter. There's no need to use several inches, because rabbits don't dig and cover up their droppings the way cats do. Plus, you can toss out the soiled litter frequently without wasting any.
  4. Place some loose hay inside the box on top of the clean litter. Since rabbits like to munch while they poop, having the hay conveniently available, will reinforce their natural behavior and encourage litter box use.
  5. If your rabbit avoids the litter box and urinates or defecates outside it, wipe up the mess and put the wet paper towel and/or poop on top of the litter so they can follow the scent. Clean up any residue with a stain and odor remover to help prevent a repeat performance.
  6. Don't get discouraged! It takes time to successfully litter train a rabbit, especially if you're dealing with an older bunny that has established bathroom habits. You may have to relocate a litter box, or offer more than one. Spaying or neutering may be necessary for a fluffy family member that continues to mark its territory in spite of your best efforts. Persistence and patience are prerequisites.

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