When you're planning to introduce another bird to your home and you already have a pet parrot, you'll want to ease the homecoming to avoid behavioral issues in the future. Although some parrots have territory issues, others will bond with another bird, but it takes time. 

Before you bring the new bird home, consider following through with these steps to simplify and shorten the adjustment period:

  • Set up a mock cage, even if you plan to house both parrots in the same cage. Parrots are creatures of habit. Letting your bird get used to seeing another cage in the room—complete with food and water dishes, perches and toys—can help them get accustomed. If budget is an issue, check thrift stores, comb the want ads, and use online sites that promote recycling by sharing or selling to find a temporary cage for the new pet parrot you're going to bring home. 
  • Each time you clean and feed your parrot, do the same in the adjacent cage. Your pet parrot will get used to your attention being diverted elsewhere during feeding times. You can even place treat dispensers in both cages, shaking both to mimic another parrot. Some people have success putting a stuffed animal similar in size and color to the new bird in the mock cage.
  • When you do bring home the new bird, place it in the cage. If you've let enough time pass, your existing parrot should accept it readily. 

If you don't have a separate cage for the new parrot, it will take time to introduce the new pet to the existing one. It's much easier if you have another person helping you. Hold each parrot separately and calmly introduce them to each other by speaking softly. Move them closer and then further away. Have a towel handy in case either develops aggressive behavior. If things don't go well, put the new bird in a separate room and carefully repeat until they adapt to each other.