A pet bird can bring a great deal of color, melody, and companionship into the life of a human family. But it's important to find the bird that's right for you and your family. Tending to the bird's care and personality should be foremost in your considerations. For example, if your home is empty most of the time, the bird won’t get the attention it needs to thrive. And if you like to keep your home quiet, you may not be happy with a bird that tends to talk or squawk loudly. 

The following bird species are relatively easy to care for, affable, and budget-friendly. 

  • Canaries/finches: Male canaries are enthusiastic and talented singers. Coloration varies widely. Canaries are a good choice for first birds or kids' pets. Not too interested in being held, they’re charming, active and fun to watch. Get a pair and a large cage, where they'll flit around without territorial behavior.
  • Parakeets or budgies: Lively and affectionate, some will learn to talk with you. Be gentle and patiently build trust. For children who are old enough to handle a bird with great care, a parakeet can be perfect. 
  • Cockatiels: These are sweet, cuddly, and loving small parrots. Spend time gently petting them daily, and they’ll thrive. All whistle tunefully, and many learn to talk.
  • Poicephalus parrots: Even-tempered, affectionate, and friendly, these tiny African birds are less likely to talk than other species. Earn their trust, and they’ll expect a good neck scratch whenever you’re within reach.
  • Parrotlets: These birds are loving and curious, but they're sometimes demanding. They're not as noisy as their larger relatives. Your pet bird may learn to talk. Colors: from apple green to blue.
  • Pionus (literally “sweet”) parrots: These birds are relatively quiet and have muted, iridescent feathers. Their look is subtle and lovely. 
  • Amazon parrots: Slightly larger and more expensive than others, they may be the most talented talking birds available, particularly the yellow-nape variety. They're attention seekers and enjoy clowning around.
  • Rosy-collared lovebirds: Also called peach-faces, these birds love to socialize. They’ll likely learn a few words as you carry them perched happily on your shoulder. They make soft sounds and are ideal if you're noise-sensitive.

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