Most pet owners admit to talking to their pet on a daily basis.  However, if you'd like to talk to your pet and get a response, we suggest you adopt a talking bird!

Talking or listening to your pet bird can be fun and exciting. It may also be soothing and relaxing, depending on the bird’s general temperament--or sometimes just the time of day. To create a good person-to-pet relationship, your choice of companion must be well suited to your habits, needs, and environment.

Meet the Top 10 Talking Birds

  1. African Greys: Generally considered the most intelligent talking bird species, with speaking/thinking abilities comparable to human toddlers, the Timneh Grey parrot typically learns to talk earlier in life than the Congo African Grey.
  2. Common Hill Mynas: The little black Myna bird can mimic your voice, with a variety of pitches and tones.
  3. Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrots: These birds are smart, enjoy singing, and are excellent mimics of voice and vocal rhythm. They’re known to nip occasionally.
  4. Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots: These birds rank just below the Yellow-naped parrot in skill at mimicking the human voice and true enjoyment of singing.
  5. Yellow-Crowned Amazons: They are slightly more gentle than the Yellow-naped, but this parrot is nearly equal in vocal ability.
  6. Eclectus Parrots: When trained early, these birds have distinct enunciation and can mimic mood and tone of voice.
  7. Indian Ringneck Parakeets: These birds can learn a large vocabulary, speaking in complete sentences and very distinctly—in their own bird voices.
  8. Blue-Fronted Parrots: They’re tremendous mimics with strong, clear voices and may live over 100 years!
  9. Quaker Parakeets: (Monk Parrot) These clever, small parrots are capable of a big vocabulary range. Their personality is social and outgoing.
  10. Shell Parakeets: (Budgies, Budgerigars) Males are able to learn many songs and phrases, speaking in a low and sometimes slightly unclear manner.

Keep in mind, despite typical species traits, some birds won’t talk, no matter what. Some individuals are more intelligent than others and some may be shy. For a clue to your bird’s learning potential, observe and ask about their parents.