Birds are naturally curious and playful companions, but the strength of their beaks causes their playfulness and exploration to be destructive. When a pet bird is looking for something to do, they will chew, gnaw on or explore any object or material they can find. Bird toys best for their species are essential in preventing your avian friends from becoming bored, restless, stressed out or aggressive over time.

Types of toys for pet birds

  • Trees and play gyms are activity toys that allow the bird to remain engaged, often with a fair amount of physical activity involved. These bird toys will allow the bird to work the beak and feet when climbing and exploring. Trees and play gyms may include branches, beams, ropes, and different shapes to climb and explore. 
  • Foraging toys and other puzzle toys will engage the bird's brain, allowing him or her to complete a puzzle or follow an instruction in order to get a treat. These puzzle toys and games require that the bird think critically in order to earn a treat rather than utilizing the blunt force of its beak. 

Variety matters
Providing the bird with a variety of toys is essential. Bird owners are urged to keep a cache of different toys to change out over time so the bird is always engaged. Bird toys come in all types of colors, shapes, styles, and objectives, and utilizing a mix of all these characteristics is essential in keeping the bird from becoming bored or stressed out. A stressed out bird is a destructive one, either to itself or its surroundings, so keep him or her placated and distracted in a healthy, proactive way instead.

The right bird toys and tools for play can make all the difference in keeping an intelligent bird from becoming bored or stressed. Occupying the attention of an avian companion is essential to it's health and well-being.