Birds can be among the most satisfying pets a person can own. However, training your bird can be a challenging experience, but with a little time and perseverance, even a first-time bird owner can be successful. When you're training, just be sure to follow these tips that will make your training easier.

  • Start at a young age - If possible, start your training when your bird is just a baby. You can train older birds, but it will take more time and patience as they have developed habits and routines.
  • Prep for human contact - Handle your new pet as much as possible so that he or she isn't stressed when a vet visit comes along. Touch his nails to prep for toenail trimming and wings so that clipping doesn't upset your pet.
  • Teach your pet not to bite - Birds enjoy human contact, but they don't always realize that biting will hurt. If he or she does more than nibble, sternly say "no" and give a "time-out" in the cage. This will teach your pet to associate biting with isolation.
  • Use treats – Like most pets, birds can be taught correct behavior by being rewarded with treats. But use them sparingly and only when they do something well to associate treats only with positive behavior.
  • Towel training - This is an important element of owning birds. If your bird gets injured or needs to be medicated or groomed, wrapping them in a towel will make your job much easier. You should start this training right away to ensure your feathered friend doesn't stress or get agitated in the future.
  • Allow him or her to chew - Giving your winged friend a wood chew will allow him or her to bite and keep their beak occupied. Praise him or her with a treat when the wood chew is used.
  • Teach your pet to talk - Why have a bird that can talk if you don't teach him or her to do so? The earlier you begin, the easier it will be.